About Animator Dormitory Anime Club

■Animator Dormitory Anime Club is a club-like community which promotes activities mainly on Facebook Group!
■You can learn about: drawing, animation technology, the Japanese anime industry, and life in the ”Animator Dormitory”!!
■The Anime Club is targeted towards English speakers.
■All of the comments and corrections from your instructors will be translated, so it won’t be a problem if you do not understand Japanese.
■Your instructor will be Masaaki Tanaka.
He was one of the first boarders at the "Animator Dormitory", and went on to become the animation director of "Attack on Titan" Season 3.
■Work history of the instructor animator is as follows:
“Attack on Titan Season 2”
“The Ancient Magus' Bride”
“After the Rain (Koi wa Ameagari no You ni)”
“Pokemon the Movie: Everyone's Story”
■The purpose of the class is to improve your drawing skills.
■This class is recommended to anyone who wishes to improve their skill, even if they do not wish to be an animator.

What Will You Do?

■Tasks are assigned every month, and the submitted artwork will be corrected by an active Japanese animator.
■Two new tasks are assigned every month.
〈Task Contents〉
〈July Task〉Depiction of Hands 〈July Task〉Person Replication
■ Submitted pictures will be revised up to twice a month.
■ Assignments can be drawn digitally or traditionally.
※ If you draw it traditionally, please post it by scanning it or taking a picture.
■The instructor will upload recorded live-drawing videos every month as well.
These videos will contain the process the instructor goes through, as well as tips on how to draw better.
These tips will not be directed towards the assignments alone, and will apply to various situations from the instructor's experience.
■You can also learn about the companies where the instructors (the active animators) work.

↑Tasks such as reproduction and illustration are assigned every month by an instructor.
And the submitted artwork will be corrected by an active animator.
※Please refer to this home page for examples.

How to Apply

【Please apply from PayPal / Me below.】
■ 6 Month Course 【$ 600】
■ 9 Month Course 【$ 850】
■ 12 Month Course 【$ 1,100】

* Refunds due to withdrawal from the club can not be made.


【Q】Are the students going to post on Facebook ?
Also, how do we apply once we pay on Paypal?
【A】The Anime Club uses the Facebook group.
When you pay the fee to PayPal / Me, you will be invited to the FB group.
【Q】When do classes start?
【A】We will invite you to the FB group as soon as we have received the class fee.
The class starts as soon as you are invited to the FB group.

About inquiries

If you have any questions about “Animator Dormitory Anime Club”, please contact us via email.