About Animator Dormitory Anime Club Lite

■This is the “Lite” version of Animatory Dormitory “Anime Club”.
■“Anime Club Lite” students cannot participate in getting drawing feedback, but will get access to half of the resources given to “Anime Club” students, plus their work examples.
■This includes half of the assignments given to students, half of the recorded live-drawing videos by the instructor, half of the students’ drawing corrections/feedback.
Updates are made monthly.
■The instructor is Masaaki Tanaka, who was the animation director of “Attack on Titan Season 3”.
■*If you wish to receive drawing feedback, please apply to “Animator Dormitory Anime Club”.
Animator Dormitory Anime Club
You can register from the “Animator Dormitory Anime Club” Page above.

How to Apply

【Please apply from PayPal / Me below.】
■ 1 Year Course 【$ 60】
* Refunds due to withdrawal from the club can not be made.


【Q】Are the students going to post on Facebook ?
Also, how do we apply once we pay on Paypal?
【A】The Anime Club Lite uses the Facebook group.
When you pay the fee to PayPal / Me, you will be invited to the FB group.
【Q】When do classes start?
【A】We will invite you to the FB group as soon as we have received the class fee.
The class starts as soon as you are invited to the FB group.

About inquiries

If you have any questions about “Animator Dormitory Anime Club Lite”, please contact us via email.